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This page was last updated on 20 January 2016.


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This set of links is related mostly to the writing industry.

A Celebration of Women Writers A listing of books by and about women.

American Author Association A group of authors helping each other.

Authorlink! For editors, writers, agents, & readers.

Authors Den A place for authors and readers to come together.

Authors on the Highway A site to find out which authors are appearing where.

Book Fairs A site to see what is happening around the country.

Book Flash This site is good.

Firebase Freedom @ www.ezboard.com This page was set up so that some of us authors who are Veterans can have some help in getting noticed and arranging things.

Fran Baker, Author A woman who writes good books.

Future Regional Book Fairs Listing of book fairs around the country.

IWWG The International Women's Writing Guild site. A place for assistance and camaraderie.

Jacob Evans This is a new book written by a friend of mine who is also a Veteran. Steven Manchester served in the Gulf War as an MP.

James Robert Parish My pal Jim has written many books!

Library of Congress Home Page A place you will visit often. It has everything imaginable about research material and copyrights.

Library Spot This site supplies many references to turn to.

Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) This group is made up of authors who are primarily Veterans! It's about time we had our own group--we are a special group of folks!

National Writer's Union This is a group every writer should join.

Poets & Writers Magazine Visit this site.

ReadersNdex Home A virtual bookshelf for publishers and a reading room.

Shaw Guides Inc. A very good site.

SPAN For authors, self-publishers and independent presses.

SPAWN--Small Publishers, Artists, & Writers Network A good spot for writers and publishers.

The Breathing Space For authors, professional speakers, and certified management consultants.

The MindWorm See what this man offers you.

The Movieland Directory LA Hollywood Travel Tours Maps!

The Texas Book Festival A wonderful place for authors and publishers to break into the Texas market.

The US Review of Books A good place to request or see book reviews!

THE UT SYSTEM CRASH COURSE IN COPYRIGHT Learn more about copyrights!

Tips on Fiction & Nonfiction Writing - Leon Fletcher provides great tips and ideas. This former sailor also writes book reviews.

U.S. Copyright Office Home Page has everything you wanted to know about getting your work copyrighted.

Warnings and Cautions for Writers--Print on Demand Take the time to completely check out this site before you do anything else.

Welcome to B L Miller's Story Site is a fictional collection of stories about television's "Xena: The Warrior Princess" and her relationships with other women. BUT BL also writes lesbian novels which are very good.

Welcome to DaybookNews.com The "Broadcast Interview Source" for Media Directories.

Welcome to RadioTour.com The "Broadast Interview Source" for interesting guests on short notice.

Writers Net Internet resource for writers, editors, publishers, agents, etc.

Writers Write A good place to check out.


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