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Since I'm originally from the Northeast and three of my friends listed on this page are also living there I decided to play "Yankee Doodle Dandy" this time.

Our company is currently representing several amazing speakers most of whom are former military personnel and go anywhere requested:

Noonie Fortin
New York
Speaks to Veteran groups, civic groups, schools, libraries and other groups. Noonie retired from the Army Reserve after 22+ years of service. She is well-known in the Veteran community and continues to gather material about the women who served our country. Visit Noonie to learn more about her and what she has done and continues to do.

Steven Manchester
Speaks to troubled children through the "Straight Ahead" program.
Steve served in the Gulf War with his National Guard unit. He is now an accomplished author and producer of books and films. His book The Unexpected Storm was his autobiographical account of Operation Desert Storm. I read and reviewed his book Jacob Evans. His latest book is A Father's Love. Visit Steve to see everything he has done.

Gil Woodside Jr.
Speaks to schools, libraries, and other non or not-for-profit civic or patriotic organizations for free. Charges for profit groups. Gil was the 1997 Massachusetts Daughters of the American Revolution American History Teacher of the Year (State and local), a contributor to Memories of Maggie and wrote the Foreword to Potpourri Of War.

Susan O'Neill
New York
Speaks to schools, Veteran and civic groups. Sue was a nurse who served in Vietnam in 1969. I read and reviewed her book Don't Mean Nothing. Visit Susan to see what she is up to these days.

Lana Noone
New York
Speaks to all groups and schools. She was involved with Operation BabyLift in Vietnam in April 1975. She is the author of Global Mom: Notes From a Pioneer Adoptive Family. Visit Lana to read about her passion.

Kerry "Doc" Pardue
Motivational speaker who reads his poetry to students, Veterans and other adults.
"Doc" served in Vietnam 1968-1969. He is now an poet, author, speaker and friend to many. Visit Doc to see some of his poetry.

Click on the name buttons above or on the left to find out more about each person. If you wish Tales and Whales Publishing will assist you in contacting them to schedule them for your event, school, or organization. This is a free service to our visitors.

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