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Here are some reviews about Potpourri Of War from military and Veteran's publications:

MWSA Book Review by Bill McDonald – President of the MWSA:
A Good Follow-up to Memories of Maggie
    Noonie Fortin follows up her successful book, Memories of Maggie, (about the life and legend of entertainer Martha Raye) with Potpourri Of War. For those of us who loved reading that memoir of Colonel Maggie and are still hungry for more personal stories and antidotes about her life and the people she influenced—then this is the book you have been waiting for!
    Noonie takes us at times across country on her book tours to meet and learn about people and places that are related to the Vietnam War and in particular, dealing with old “Big Mouth” herself. From all the stories you cannot help but see how much she came to be loved by veterans of that era.
    There are several small bios mixed into the book like one would carefully mix a powerful herb or spice into a pot of stew; just enough to add some sharp and savory flavors to the well written structure of controlled rambling prose that is already cooking with lots of LOVE.
    This book is best read as a companion to her first book on Martha Raye but it can be read alone. An easy-to-read and entertaining book that at times makes one feel as if you are eaves dropping in on a conversation in the kitchen or living room of close friends. posted this review submitted by a reader who also does reviews for Midwest Book Review and gave this book 5 stars:
A clarion reminder of how we can meet the demands of war, October 10, 2001
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (see more about me) from Oregon, WI USA

Potpourri Of War: Labors Of Love Remembered is the story of Americans who were not "career military" but who loved their country and everything that America has come to stand for within the community of civilized nations. This compelling volume of wartime reminiscences ranges from the stunning to the fondly nostalgic to the profound. Here are the stories of the women of World War II -- the USO performers, military personnel, Red Cross Workers, Hollywood celebrities, as well as the legions of mothers of sons and daughters gave up their lives in the defense of their country on far flung battlefields. Potpourri Of War is a timely and much needed contribution -- both as a remembrance of things past, and a clarion reminder of how we can meet the demands of war that have suddenly come upon us in our own time.

Amazon Books, Internet--review by Leon Fletcher: Rating 5 [out of 5 high]:
Potpourri Of War is indeed a perfectly worded title for this new book. It is a "potpourri"--"a miscellaneous collection," as Webster states....Author Noonie Fortin writes in a charming, personable, enthusiastic, readable style. She writes with authority and experience...has traveled more than 35,000 miles to help "keep Martha Raye's memory urge students to learn about...the Vietnam War and its Veterans; to help renew a sense of patriotism..., to help keep the POW/MIA issue alive, (and) to honor women and men who served and died in Vietnam." Those elements of her "mission"--as she puts it--are indeed attained in her newest book.

The VVA Veteran, Washington, DC--review by Mark Leepson:
Noonie Fortin's Potpourri Of War contains profiles of men and women who served in the military and as civilians in Vietnam.

The Midwest Book Review:
Noonie Fortin's Potpourri Of War is a collection of personal experiences and reminiscences of women who have served in or with our military forces. It is about unsung and uncommon heroes, a heartfelt tribute to those who served their country in wars' worst places. These women included military personnel, USO members, Red Cross workers, Hollywood stars, and the relatives of Veterans. Potpourri Of War also covers POW/MIAs, "The Wall", memorials, "Colonel Maggie" (Martha Raye), Veterans groups, Gold Star Mothers, Rolling Thunder, community organizations, and even questions asked by high school audiences. As Potpourri Of War so aptly demonstrates and documents, war is not gender specific.

MILITARY, July 2000--review by Dr. Gil Woodside:
Potpourri Of War
is not only an amazing continuation of the "Col. Maggie" legend, it is an important chronicle of a segment of our population that has served this country in both military and civilian capacities with dedication and bravery, yet has gone essentially unnoticed--our women!
    Potpourri Of War is one of those books you hope never ends. You just want to keep reading, savoring the contents. I though memories of Maggie told the whole story but Potpourri proved me wrong. As I read Potpourri I began to understand that Noonie had just "begun" to record "Maggie's" story in memories. I don't think she realized just how much of "Maggie" was in the hearts of America's Veterans until "Maggie" was released to the public. At each book signing or Veterans events Noonie listened to many new stories and made contact with people who would send her letters and pictures of their experiences with "Maggie." Oddly, stories about other women began to surface in significant numbers. It became evident to Noonie that though "Maggie" might be the focal point for a second book, the story of other American women who served their country needed to be told.
    Potpourri is an important work because it starts to paint a picture of the many women who have served in or alongside our military forces "in every climate and place," in every war, conflict or police action of the 20th century. The women Noonie writes about are military personnel, USO and Red Cross workers, Hollywood stars and relatives of Veterans.
    Most of these women "went to war" in a significantly different way than men did but just the same they went to war. Sharon Lane didn't carry a gun or fly a combat mission yet she lost her life in Vietnam trying to save those that did. The women killed in Operation Babylift never humped the boonies yet paid the ultimate price on the fields of Vietnam. Journalist Georgette "Dickie" Chappel was killed at ChuLai, while I was there, by a Viet Cong booby trap. potpourri is just that, a potpourri of accounts and reminiscences but it is a history. Noonie's simple and straight forward style makes Potpourri Of War a wonderfully easy book to read and remember.


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