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I chose to play the theme song from Mission Impossible here because sometimes it feels that way when they are searching for a publisher!

These sites have a lot of information for those who are in or want to get in to the publishing industry.

2000 Schedule This lists many events to promote books at.

ACTWD This site helps you make web pages and hosts domain sites--they handle my websites!

Antiquarian Booksellers Assn You can find book fairs here for new and rare books.

Audio Publishers Association (APA) Online source for audiobook listeners and industry professionals.

Authorlink! For Editors, Writers, Agents, & readers.

Axess Book Printing Solutions On Demand Digital Book Printing Services.

Bar Code Graphics This company deals with UPC and EAN symbols so you might want to check them out.

Book Fairs Find out when and where some of the book fairs are being held.

Book Flash Publishing news.

Booksails Press - Book Publishing This company will help you in many ways to get your book or pamphlet published. It is a subdivision of LangMarc Publishing.

BookWire Homepage Inside the book business.

Central Plains Book Manufacturing This newly formed company is actually a very old one. It used to be Gilliland Printing.

Cyber Grants This site helps to point someone looking for grants to the right area.

DeHart's Personalized publishing.

Electric eBook Publishing This company specializes in electronic books in various manners.

FetchBook This site will compare prices of books available at discounts from 60 bookstores and online sites.

Florida Publishing Assn This site lists conferences and festivals throughout Florida.

Future Regional Book Fairs is a listing of book fairs around the country where publishers and authors can go to show their works.

GASBDC This is the Georgia Small Business Development Center that helps people get started.

Hard Shell Word Factory A company that does e-books.

HCI This company has published many of the "Chicken Soup" books.

Heritage Press International This company is owned by a Marine and publishes books about Marines.

Independent Bookstores - The NewPages Guide A place to go to try and get your books into their facilities.

ISBN The first step in getting your own ISBN's. You can also locate them by going to ISBN.

iUniverse You can get your manuscript published with this company. It will cost you a little but depending on which of their programs you get sign up for they market the books through Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Ivan Hoffman Ivan is an attorney who specializes in literary law.

Joe Sabah This company is in Colorado.

King Printing Company Inc This is a company that will help you print your own books.

LangMarc Publishing - Christian/Inspirational Books began publishing inspirational books until Memories Of Maggie came across their desk. Now they also carry novels, children's books, and young adult books.

Leatherneck Publishing This company is doing books by and about Veterans!

Library Journal A very good site which also has book reviews.

Library of Congress Home Page You'll turn here often.

Magical Godmother Another place for help in getting published.

Midwest Book Review A place for reviews.

NW Bookfest Here is one of the many book festivals.

Office of Women in Business Any woman thinking of going into business or already in business should visit this site.

PMA Publishers Marketing Association's site.

Poets & Writers Magazine Check it out!

ReadersNdex Home This has a bookshelf, reading room, publishers, and more.

Roberts Publishing This site offers some inspirational books and provides a book dedicated to American Veterans. Roberts Publishing will donate $1.00 per book sold of those listed on their website to the Palomar College Foundation / EOPS Student Services Fund, San Marcos, Ca., to help assist towards some of these needs.

RTIR The Radio Television Interview Report is a great place for authors to place ads for interviews.

School Library Journal This site shows reviews primarily for school librarians so they might know what books to request.

Self Published Authors Find marketing resources, promotion, publishing help here.

Self Publishing Resource A wonderful site.

Small Press Another good site.

Small Press Center A site for Small Presses and Independent Publishers!

Small Publishers, Artists, & Writer's Network An organization for writers, artists, and small presses.

SPAN Small Publishers Assn. of North America. A group of authors, self-publishers and independent presses.

SPAWN Small Publishers, Artists, & Writer's Network.

St. Kitts Publishing carries mystery books by several authors. Too bad I don't write mysteries as I know the owners of this company!

Tabby House This company can help you get published.

The National Women's History Project carries a wonderful catalog full of books about women and their part of our history.

The Online Bar Code Service Provider This site is devoted to bar codes for book publishers. They also have another site where publishers can go to create their own electronic bar code files so you can go to Create Bar Codes.

The Texas Book Festival Texas publishers spend the first weekend of November at this festival with proceeds going to the literacy program. There you can find many publishing companies from across Texas showing and selling their books. The authors who speak during this weekend are also from Texas or write about Texas.

Trafford Publishing Your Book, Your Way--book publishing, book publishers, self-publishers!

U.S. Copyright Office Home Page Everything you wanted to know about copyrights.

Welcome to BookPage! Another site for reviews.

Welcome to Chicken Soup for the Veterans Soul This site is dedicated to collecting stories from Veterans to pass on to others. Their book will be out in August 2001.

Welcome to Broadcast Interview Source for interesting guests on short notice.

Welcome to Broadcast Interview Source of media directories.

West Bloomfield Township Public Library The Reader's Corner lists many books of interest.

Whitemane An online publisher.

XLibris Self-publishing If you want to self-publish your work--try going here.

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