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Don't you just love "Puttin' On The Ritz" I sure do.

Since LangMarc Publishing of San Antonio released my first book Memories of Maggie in February 1996 I have been touring the country talking to groups about Maggie and her phenomenal life.

I address students of all ages. I speak to senior citizens, library groups, women's and men's organizations, church groups, community and civic groups, writer's and literary clubs, as well as Veteran's groups and at their reunions. I also speak at banquets, special Veteran functions, do media interviews, make keynote speeches, and address book clubs.

In addition to speaking, I often do slide presentations which run 30 to 60 minutes in length using overhead transparencies. In so doing, I talk in detail about each slide and what Maggie meant to the people in the picture. 

I also have slides of other women and men who have served our country and talk about their contribution to our freedom.

When Potpourri Of War was released in June 1998 I had even more interesting things to tell people about those who served with the USO-Red Cross-Special Services, Gold Star Mothers, the event at Kent State, and much more.

When I self-published Mom Wears Combat Boots and Dad Wears Combat Boots I found myself addressing elementary school students as well. After reading my book to them I also show them my own ruck sack, web gear and helmet as well as the other items I have saved over the years.

With the release of Women At Risk by iUniverse in March 2002 I now talk about more women and the things they did serving our country since before World War II right up to present day. Women from all branches of services, enlisted and officers, women who served with various agencies, those who waited at home for their loved ones to return--they all have stories to tell. It's time we listen and share.

Some of the topics that I cover are as follows:

    A Woman in the Army Reserve
    Quest for Medals in a Bureaucratic Maze
    True Patriots and Unsung Heroes
    War From a Woman's Point of View
    Women's Military History
    A Brilliant Actress Makes Tough Choices
    Bringing Colonel Maggie to Life
    Pitfalls of Getting Published
    Researching a Legend and other Women
    Tribulations of Getting Noticed

    Identifying Maggie's Multiple Personas
    Keeping Memories Alive
    Why Women Volunteer to Serve
    Women's History
    Writing your First Book
    All Gave Some, Some Gave All
    Once There Was a Blind Man
    They called her Colonel Maggie
    Welcome Home!
    Worse Than the Seven-Year Itch!

Some of the groups that I addressed have sent letters expressing their comments on my presentations. I thought I would share some of those with you and maybe you might want to have me address your group.

Naval Support Activity-Philadelphia (NSA-P) Compound, Philadelphia, PA, William J. Eves, Chairman:
I want to take this opportunity to thank you and provide you feedback on the Keynote Remarks you provided at the Veterans Day Remembrance Ceremony on the Naval Support Activity-Philadelphia (NSA-P) Compound. The theme, "A Tribute to Women Serving the Military", of this years event was extremely well received not only by the female Veterans in attendance, but also by our Active Duty male and female personnel who are always in favor of taking time to honor our less recognized female comrades. Your knowledge of female’s serving the military and the timelines you identified in your speech speaks volume’s about how America would not be the Democracy it is today without American Women doing their part. And with the current war in Iraq being foremost in most American’s mind, what better time to shed light on America’s female POW and MIA’s? Although we advertise extensively prior to our ceremonies, it is unusual to have the large audience of over 400 we had for this event. I attribute the large turnout to the credentials you possess, as well as the interest of our employees, veterans and active duty personnel in Women Serving the American Military.
    I would like to share with you an email a female veteran employee sent me after the ceremony on 10 November 2005. In part she wrote, "Another year, another remembrance, another Veterans day ceremony….and, another Thank You for a job well done! I personally appreciate all of the work you put into each one. Noonie was extra-special and I am very, VERY happy you invited her to speak. She was excellent. I wonder how many women in the audience were vets." This is just one of many compliments the committee received after the ceremony. So, Thank You for joining us, Thank You for your Service and Thank You for all that you do in support of Women Serving the Military.

Seekonk High School, Seekonk, MA, Dr Russell Goyette, Principal:
The faculty and students haven't stopped talking about your day long visit to Seekonk High School on November 1, 1996.
    It isn't very often that our school is visited by such an accomplished and dedicated speaker. Your topic Colonel Maggie and the Vietnam War is not only fascinating, but very important. Our young people, in fact the nation, are sorely lacking knowledge about the War and those who served. The story of Colonel Maggie's service to this country is incredible. When we associate heroes and a war we, automatically think about a male soldier gallantly attacking the enemy...not a Hollywood starlet!
    The passionately endearing story of a woman giving herself to her country is one you tell with great emotion, intelligence and poise. It is a story every American should hear!
    Of equal importance is the arduous struggle you faced, researching, writing, publishing and finally marketing your beautiful book. Many of the 600+ students and 20+ faculty who were lucky enough to attend your presentation commented to me that they had no idea how hard it was to complete a journalistic endeavor of this magnitude. Additionally, they marveled at your energy and dedication when you announced that you had already started work on a sequel. They loved the topic, you and your presentation.
    Please feel free to use this letter as an endorsement to any educational institution or group (Veteran or civic) looking for a dynamic speaker with two amazing and highly interesting topics (Colonel Maggie and the trials and tribulations of authorship) rolled into one spellbinding presentation.

Lansingburgh High School, Troy, NY, C. Frederick Erickson, Assistant Principal:
I am writing to express my appreciation on behalf of the students and teachers for the heart-warming, informative, and inspirational presentations you made. You were right on target with your comments and observations, and the students appreciated the anecdotes you shared with them.
    Thank you for sharing your time and for being so gracious, understanding, and sensitive with the students.

Northgate Optimist Club, El Paso, TX, Jim Gamble, President:
Northgate Optimist Club was privileged to have Ms Noonie Fortin speak at our club recently. Ms Fortin's talk about Martha Raye was educational and entertaining. Ms Fortin's knowledge of Martha Raye and history were exceptional. I would highly recommend Ms Fortin as a guest speaker for your organization.

Twin Plant Women's Association, El Paso, Sally Cardetti, Program Chairman:
As far as your presentation, it was excellent! The reviews were the best we have had for a speaker all year. That was a tremendous feeling for me because not many people knew very much about Martha Raye and I wasn't sure how well my group would receive your book. Your obvious patriotism and sincerity won everyone's heart. I just hope Ms. Raye knew she had someone of your caliber on her side.

Wichita Press Women, Wichita, KS, Lisa Timmermeyer, Vice-President of programs:
Your talk was very informative and looked like a pro!

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