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Potpourri Of War: Labors of Love Remembered


Noonie Fortin


The tragedy of war is not gender specific. Most of this book's wartime reminiscences--some stunning, others fond, several profound--are about women: military personnel, USO performers, Red Cross workers, Martha Raye and other Hollywood stars, mothers of those who gave their lives.

Generals and admirals and certified heroes got the headlines. But what about the millions of other Americans who fought our wars? Most were not "career military." They loved more than our country: they loved what America stands for--and put their lives on the line for that. Potpourri Of War remembers these unsung and uncommon heroes.

Foreword by Dr. Gil Woodside, USMC

Copyright: 1998

First Printing: May 1998

ISBN: 1-880292-24-6

Price: $15.00

Publication Date: May 1998

Published by LangMarc Publishing, San Antonio, TX. It is available from them as well as this company.


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