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If these books are not available in your local bookstore or if you want autographed copies or  if you would like to schedule speaking engagements contact us by email, snail mail, phone or fax at:

Noonie Fortin

1 Midway Drive

Albany, NY 12205


You may print out this form, complete it, and send your check or money order (made out in US Funds) payable to NOONIE FORTIN along with the completed order form. Sorry but we are not currently accepting credit cards. Kindly let us know if the book (s) is (are) for a Vet, non-Vet, or a child or if there is any special message you would like written to the individual.

Book is for: ______ Vet, ______ non-Vet, ______ child

Autograph to: ____________________________________________________

Any special message you would like included:


QUANTITY        TITLE                                                  PRICE

________        Women At Risk                           $25.00 each ______   

________        Memories of Maggie                     $15.00 each ______

________        Potpourri Of War                         $15.00 each ______

________        The Sarge's Thoughts: Volume I    $10.00 each ______

________        The Sarge's Thoughts: Volume II   $10.00 each ______

________        The Sarge's Thoughts: Volume III  $10.00 each ______

________        The Sarge's Thoughts: Volume IV   $10.00 each ______

________        The Sarge's Thoughts: Volume V    $10.00 each ______

These books are currently out of print:

________        Mom Wears Combat Boots            $15.00 each ______

________        Dad Wears Combat Boots             $15.00 each ______  


                                                                      SUBTOTAL ______

Add shipping & handling information:

$5.00 for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book.________

Orders going outside the continental US add $15.00 to the S&H._______

                                                                      TOTAL __________


Send books to:

Names: __________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________

Telephone Number: _________________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________


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