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Memories Of Maggie: Martha Raye--A Legend Spanning Three Wars


Noonie Fortin


The author spearheaded the Medals for Maggie committee to have the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to Martha "Colonel Maggie" Raye. Eight years of research material went into the making of this book which follows the life of this entertainer from birth in a charity ward in Montana to death and burial in the military cemetery at Fort Bragg.

This book covers not only Martha Raye's personal life and entertainment career but mainly her true love and devotion to thousands of armed forces personnel throughout World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam War. It is full of special memories from men and women who were touched by her and includes many photos.

A&E Biography put Martha Raye's life on television based on this book. I went to Los Angeles where I did my on-camera interview for the program. "Martha Raye: In Love and War" premiered on 9 October 1999. I'll try to let you know when it will air again. Meanwhile if you didn't see it the first time keep an eye on A&E to see when it will be rerun. A&E also has the show available on VHS videotape which you can order direct from them or your local Barnes & Noble bookstore. 

Copyright: 1995

First Printing: December 1995

Second Printing: March 1996

ISBN: 1-880292-18-1

Price: $15.00

Publication Date: December 1995

Published by LangMarc Publishing, San Antonio, TX. It is available from them as well as this company.


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