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Although I have never been on a sail boat, I chose to play "Sailing" for you this time just because I love being on the ocean and I enjoy this song.

Four Jills in a Jeep, Special Featurette interview about Martha "Colonel Maggie" Raye, done by Cloverland Productions for Twentieth Century Fox. This DVD is also included in The Alice Faye Collection Volume 2.

"Forum" with Benita Zahn, WNYT-TV 13, NBC, Albany, NY (5 times)
"News Channel 13 Evening News" with Bill Lambdin, WNYT-TV 13, NBC, Albany, NY
"News Channel 13 Noon News" with Benita Zahn, WNYT-TV 13, NBC, Albany, NY (2 times)
"James' Corner" with James Napier, KWTX-TV 10, CBS, Waco, TX
"Noon News" with Paige Kelton, KOLN-TV 11, Lincoln, NE
"Evening News" with Chris Havefeld, KHAS-TV 5, NBC, Hastings, NE
"Mature Living" with Lois Hobart, KCOS-TV 13, PBS, El Paso, TX
"Que Pasa with Delores" KRWG-TV 22, PBS, Las Cruces, NM
"A Talk with Noonie" with Dr. Gil Woodside, Jr., Cable Channel 8, Seekonk, MA
"Morning News" with Denise Eck, KWCH-TV12, Wichita, KS
"Noon News" with Mike Iuen, KAKE-TV10, Wichita, KS
"Noon News" with Stephanie Bergman, KSNW-TV3, Wichita, KS
"Morning News" with Tom Mailey, WRGB-TV6, Schenectady, NY
"Martha Raye: In Love and War" an A&E Biography about Martha "Colonel Maggie" Raye, Van Ness Films, Los Angeles, CA (aired for the first time on 9 Oct 99)
"Evening News" with Kevin, TV-8, Queensbury, NY

"POW-MIA Hour" with Rod Utech, AFN Radio, Golden, CO
"Veterans Radio" with Dale Thornbery, Internet Radio as well as local radio in various areas, Ann Arbor, MI
"The Lillian Cauldwell Show" with Lillian Cauldwell, Internet Voices Radio, Ann Arbor, MI
"Happenings" with Bill Rinehart, KHAS-AM 1230, CBS Radio, Hastings, NE
"The Ranch Hands" with Johnny Western, KFDI-AM Radio, Wichita, KS (2 times)
"Perspectives" with Michele Hughes, WWBB-103.5 AM Radio, Providence, RI
"AM Magazine" with Ken Regez and John Serio, WCLO-1230AM Radio, Janesville, WI
"Kansas Live" with Steve Forman, KSAL-1150AM Radio, Salina, KS
"Marty Conn Show" with Marty Conn and Jim Mehrling, WRMR-850AM Radio, Cleveland, OH
"Morning Drive Talk Show" with Kevin, Louie, Jim, and Joy, WKDR-1390AM Radio, Burlington, VT
KSIM-1400AM Radio with Tyler Morrison, Sikeston, MO
"Secure Retirement" with Kris Geddings, Radio show taped in Washington, DC that goes to over 14 syndicated stations
"The Seekers" with Linda Hammer, WQYK-1010AM Radio, St Petersburg, FL (2 times)
KDKA-1020AM Radio with Chris Bailey, Pittsburgh, PA
KTYM Radio with Bob Gourley, Los Angeles, CA
"Afternoon Radio" with Brian Nuttall, London, Ontario, Canada
"Pulse of the Prairie" with Jesse Stevens, KSWN-93.9AM, McCook, NE
"ViewPoint" with Bill Connelly, WMNS-1360AM Radio, Olean, NY
KTMX Radio with Ken Lindbloom, Medford, OR
"Talk with Rod O'Shea" on WFAS Radio, White Plains, NY (3 times)
"The Ed Buggs Show" on WJBO-1150AM Radio, Baton Rouge, LA
"Live Line" with Bruce Sessions, KPAY-1060AM Radio, Chico, CA
"Senior Focus" with Carol and Dale, WSUB-980AM Radio, Groton, CT
"News Talk" with Rick Jensen, WFNC-640AM Radio, Fayetteville, NC (2 times)
"Murray in the Morning" with Ken Murray, KQMS-1400AM Radio, Redding, CA
"In Iowa Today" with Roy Justis, KXIC-800AM Radio, Iowa City, IA
"Talk of New Hampshire" with Woody Woodland, WSMN-1590AM Radio, Nashua, NH
"HotLine" with Tom Llewellyn, WTALK Radio, Tallahassee, FL
"News Talk" with Harold and Keith, 101.5FM Radio, Jackson, TN
"POW-MIA Hour" with Darwin Rutz and Rod Utech, AFN Radio, Golden, CO
"You're On The Air" with Dean Danos, KUKI-1400AM Radio, Ukriah, CA
"Books Uncovered" with Chuck Englund, Sarasota, FL
WHO-1040AM Radio with Steve Winzenburg, Des Moines, IA
"FRED the Show" with Jeff Styles and Rich Dinsmore, WGOW-102.3 FM Radio, Chattanooga, TN
WLEE-990AM Radio with Jim Jacobs and Steve Miller, Richmond, VA
"POW-MIA Hour" with Darwin Rutz, this was actually a 3-hour program done live from Freedom Fest 2001 in Skidmore, MO and included Carla Wetzel, Pam Waterston, and Britt Small, AFN Radio, Golden, CO
WWSC-1450 AM Radio, interview with Larry Farenell, Glens Falls, NY
"POW-MIA Hour" with Rod Utech, AFN Radio, Golden, CO (2 times)
K'Dade Web Radio with Donn Dade and Bill McDonald, CA

The Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY, article (3 times)
BRAVO Veterans Outlook, Calabasas, CA, article
Waco Herald Tribune, Waco, TX, article and interview
Killeen Daily Herald, Killeen, TX, Elke Hutto, article and interview
Temple Daily Telegram, Temple, TX, article
Robins Rev-Up, Robins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, GA, article
The Herald, Warner Robins, GA, Skip Korson, article
The Providence Journal Bulletin, Providence, RI, Dave McCarthy, interview and 2 articles
The Record, Troy, NY, Carolyn Shapiro, interview
The Providence Journal Bulletin, Providence, RI, Doug Allan, 2 articles and interview
The Wichita Eagle, Wichita, KS, Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor, article and interview
Pawtucket Times, Pawtucket, RI, article
Sun Chronicle, Seekonk, MA, article
Seekonk Star, Seekonk, MA, 2 articles
The Adirondack Journal, North Creek, NY, article and interview (2 times)
The Wichita Eagle, Wichita, Bob Curtright, article, review, and interview
The Chronicle, Glens Falls, NY, Cathy DeDe, article and interview
The Post Star, Glens Falls, NY, Jim Tracy, interview
Tennessee Military Collectors Association, John Raptor, interview
The Times Union, article and photo
The Saratogian, article

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