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Dad Wears Combat Boots


Noonie Fortin


A book that every current and former military person will want to sit down and read to the children in their lives. This book will help children understand the military life, training, and frequent moving. They will learn about Patriotism, Family History, Military Equipment, Geography, History, and English. Each page has a question for adults to answer for the children. It is written in a simple manner so that everyone can learn from it. Children at Wineteer Elementary School in Wichita, Kansas--many of their parents were assigned to McConnell Air Force Base--did many of the illustrations; the author did the rest. Your children will learn more about you, your family, and Patriotism by reading this book and doing the exercises in the back of the book.

This book is identical in nature to its twin Mom Wears Combat Boots. Although the front cover and dedication page is a little different, the only other difference is the words being changed from Dad to Mom.

The author is a female retired Army Reserve First Sergeant who found that many families didn't discuss their military background with their children. Now they can do just that. She wrote this book first because she wanted to show that women also served in the military and then did this twin book.


Copyright: 2000

First Printing: August 2000

ISBN: 0-9700176-2-6

Price: $15.00

Publication Date: August 2000--Paperback edition; date not set for hardcover


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