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Creative Scents

This page was last updated on 20 January 2016.

We are so thankful that Tales and Whales Publishing is helping us to get our products seen by the public.

We have several items available that we feel you would love to purchase as gifts for your loved ones or just keep for yourself.

First of all we have beautiful glass bowls filled with various fragrances of potpourri as well as scented or unscented candles. Each bowl has a disk that sets on the top of it which holds a votive glass and candle. This item comes in many fragrances and colors. The price includes the glass bowl, disk, votive, candle, and potpourri.

We have had some difficulty getting good photos of each for your viewing but below are some that we do have--just click on them to see the larger picture--to help you pick out the right one for you.

PB1.JPG (28482 bytes) PB2.JPG (46393 bytes) PB3.JPG (37916 bytes) PB4.JPG (54507 bytes)

We have begun to make decorative plates (8", 10" or 12") and framed pictures (5" x 7") also. These are made with fabric! The plates can be displayed or used as serving plates but we do suggest washing them by hand only and do not use in microwave due to the process we use making them. Click on the photos below to see some of the plates and framed pictures that we have made already better.

Mar03WMBC08Plates.jpg (93364 bytes)    Mar03WMBC10Rooster.jpg (95544 bytes)    Mar03WMBC06Frame.jpg (80267 bytes)

Because we are Veterans we have expanded our inventory to honor those brave men and women who have served or are serving our country now.

We have an item every vehicle should have on its antenna. We hand make American Flags using red, white, and blue yarns. The yarn covered heavy mesh plastic canvas frame flag slides onto your antenna and stays in place. The strips are clearly flowing in the wind as you drive along. The stars on the field are just as visible. 

      PUSFLAG.JPG (211856 bytes)

We have also decided to produce a flag for our wounded Veterans. Here is a picture of our Purple Heart flag.

PPHFLAG.JPG (218023 bytes)

We also honor our Veterans by making flags that represent the various war times. These flags also slide onto the antenna of any vehicle. Here are pictures of our Korean War, Vietnam War and Gulf War Service flags. 

KoreanWarFLag.jpg (253879 bytes)    PNAMFLAG.JPG (210270 bytes)    PSWAFLAG.JPG (220160 bytes)

We have also added to our inventory short and long zipper pulls and key chains. Some folks have asked us what these are used for--we tell them they can go on their leathers, belt loops, hats, luggage, backpacks, pocketbooks, etc as well as on zippers. We're always making new ones but here are some pictures of what we currently have. We also make special order items and some bulk orders. Click on the photos below to see them better.

SmZipperPulls.jpg (283932 bytes)    LgZipperPulls.jpg (317847 bytes)    LgZipperPulls2.jpg (323260 bytes)    LgZipperPulls3.jpg (475679 bytes)

LgZipperPulls4.jpg (605251 bytes)    KeyChains.jpg (537415 bytes)

We also have bracelets and necklaces in several styles and various types of decorative pins--these are now sold in sets of one bracelet with one necklace. The ribbons & pins will only be available while our supplies last. Click on the photos below to see them better.

Bracelets.jpg (408575 bytes)    Necklaces.jpg (512738 bytes)    Ribbons&Pins.jpg (206150 bytes)    USFlagPins.jpg (205703 bytes)

In addition to all these patriotic items we have magnets and T-Shirts. We purchase the magnets from a company right here in the USA. The T-Shirts are purchased through an American Legion Post in upstate New York.

Most of these magnets come in two sizes: 4" and 6" and some come as static cling decals for inside windows. The Vietnam Vet magnet only comes in the 4" size. We also have the Blue Star Flags though they are out of stock right now.

The T-Shirts are dark blue in color with the words SUPPORT OUR TROOPS in white on the front and back. There is also a yellow ribbon on the left sleeve. They come in Small to XXX-Large.

Portion of proceeds go to Freedom Fest, Skidmore, MO and Support Our Troops to send care packages overseas!

So please go to the Creative Scents Order Form, print it out, fill in the blanks, circle the fragrances, candles, flags, etc. that you wish, make your check or money in US funds to PAMELA WATERSTON and mail it to:

Pamela Waterston

8435 Den Bark Dr

Richmond, VA 23235

(804) 745-4568 phone


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