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Janice Wilkinson, Martinsburg, WV:
    Absolutely wonderful!

Nancy Pesaresi, Vet, Lockport, NY:
    I have enjoyed the parts I have read and am glad these woman have been given a written record in history—by you! I like the idea that I can re-read some parts, don’t have to start from beginning to end.
    It was the first time I knew of your own history in the military. I liked that you included the good and the bad, not just a sugar coating-but a truer, more realistic (just like any profession) assessment.

Marilyn Belshe, Marine Veteran, Olathe, KS:
    Thanks so much. My family was really impressed, especially my picture on the cover. I was surprised and delighted by the stories, especially the similarities of all of us, whether we were WW II or present day in our experiences. Women can always find release from their pressures by finding humor in their experiences….Thanks for a great job & helping to bring recognition to the many women who have contributed to our country’s armed forces.

Harry Highstreet, Navy Veteran, St Clair, MI:
    The Book is great!….Well organized and well written….It’s an attractive cover and a nice font.

Harriett Howard, Navy Reserve Veteran, Smyrna, TN:
    You did justice to so many women veterans! Thank you!

Jacqui Clay, Army Veteran, Ft Huachuca, AZ:
    The book is wonderful and a blessing.! You are awesome!

Bonnie (Corrice) Hoffmann, Army & Air Force Veteran, Nokesville, VA:
    Thanks for doing such a great job on my chapter in Women At Risk and for doing such a good job overall. I just finished reading the entire book and think it’s wonderful!….I thinks it’s great there is something for young ladies to read if they’re interested in the military.

Claire Minie, "Lady" Marine, Clarkesville, TN:
    I enjoyed every chapter. Your book format is ideal….You certainly have become acquainted with some special people.

Frances Liberty, Army Nurse Corps, WW II-Korea-Vietnam Veteran, East Greenbush, NY:
    I liked it very much. You certainly did a lot of research. Keep up the good work.

Christina "Army Mom" Sharik, St Petersburg, FL:
    Ain’t no bad thoughts to be found!!!! It’s well-written, easy to understand for someone who was not in the military, and very special. My Chapter was absolutely perfect....couldn’t have written it better myself.

Nancy Lilja, Army Nurse Corps, Vietnam Veteran, Seattle, WA:
    The book is beautiful....I have enjoyed reading about the others....I am hoping for the success of the book for you as you sure did put a lot of effort and time into it.

Mary Garvey, WAC Veteran, Seattle, WA:
    I am so thrilled to personally know the author, and many of the women whose stories are told in this wonderful book, so of course I am biased. But you just absolutely must get this book if you are interested in history, women’s issues, or just plain heroines....and that is what each of these women is. Please get it for your daughters if not for yourselves.

Vicki Spencer, a supporter of Veterans, Vian, OK:
    I’ve been reading Women At Risk quite a lot already and am just SO VERY PROUD of the work you did on this one, lady! I’m tremendously enjoying reading your book, Noonie ... and all you ladies who have yet to get your copy or to start reading it have a real treat in store for you, I can guarantee you.
    I’m skipping around through it; started out by chance with our own Willa’s story and was SO amazed ~ heavens, so much we have to learn about each other yet!... Then I resisted my first strong inclination to read the chapters on all the ladies in the book I do know already and read a WWII lady’s story, then one of a VN Era vet who served stateside. Then I went back to the first of the book and read the intro material ~ glad I did that!
    I understand what you explained about how you have to "self-promote" a LOT and REAL FAST on this new book, WAR, and I’ll be reading a lot more of it tomorrow night at Mum’s and will be able to comment more fully after that. You’re doing a great job, and I agree with the other lady’s words about WAR which you mentioned here, too ... how the separate chapters read beautifully as whole pieces in themselves, yet when you gather them all together, they make one helluva fine overall read! This was a great way to get perspective on so many women who have served, from just one book...and I do hope you’ll be able to do following volumes as you have planned.
    I love the photo illustrations, too, and find myself staring at them a long time, touching them, imagining those lives so long ago (in most cases) lived well in service to our country and countrymen and women. It is for ALL of us that the ladies you have profiled served, after all, and I think your book is one way to help everyone who reads it REMEMBER THAT!
    Well done, so very well done, Noonie...
    Hugs, and THANKS for all your hard work and dedication to this fine project!

Barbara Turner, Navy Veteran, Pensacola, FL:
    I received your book....I am so excited!!! I also read about you! Wow! You have had quite a life time already….You go girl!!
    I am really impressed!
    What a wonderful book it is. I am learning all about the Army (mostly) and the different mind sets of the various era's. Since I had such a great military life, it is hard for me to understand sometimes how these women ended up like they did.
    I have found a couple of women that I would like to get in contact with. For one reason or another I have a "connection" with them. The first is Brenda (Hudgens) Fritz. She is Chapter 58 in your book. She lived in Garden City, Kansas for a couple of years when she was nine years old. I was born in Garden City, Kansas.
    The other is Veronica (Reilly) Hanlon; Chapter 59 in your book. She lives in Pensacola and I'd love to contact her to see if she is interested in joining our local WN Unit. We are an all sea service organization...and since she was a Marine it would be wonderful to get her in our Unit. We have three Marines in it right now. Well ex-Marines that is. Two are from the Korean era and one is from the Vietnam era.
    I read a Chapter at a time just about every day.
    I enjoyed reading the book and have compared it, in a way, with the Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul book. Yours is much better, however, because the stories are longer and give more background about the person whom you wrote about.

Benita Zahn, WNYT-TV, Channel 13, Albany, NY:
    This is your best book yet! It's so well put together and covers many eras.

Barbara Derry, WAF Veteran, Melbourne, FL:
    I LOVE IT!!!!!! I love the cover and it is easy to read and the pictures really give it special meaning. GOOD WORK

Cheri Halsey, WAC Veteran, Vietnam War, Santee, CA:
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Doris "Dee" Chambers, WAC Veteran, Apache Junction, AZ:
    It’s not that I don’t appreciate you and the immense effort you obviously put into your latest book. It’s just that I have been so excited over receiving my copies and reading my very own. I truly enjoy the nice manner in which you presented my story.

Laura Dunlop, WAC Veteran, Akron, OH:
    You did one great job of it and…my story within the pages really surprised me. I am so pleased with it all truly and even my children’s names were included.
    Congratulations on the publishing of your new book that tells many of our stories today and in our service life.

Terry Love, Army Veteran, pilot--Vietnam War, Lakeville, MN:
    I have already read a few chapters in your book. Great! Very Interesting! I can not wait to get back to it.

Sue Frasier, WAC Veteran, Albany, NY:
    I wanted to tell you how much I like your book. This kind of book has been a long time coming where we, the veterans, can tell our own story without it being sanitized by the layer of commissions who are out to put a smiley face on everything. I have really enjoyed reading the other stories and it has taken some of the Vet-loneliness out that I have felt over the years. I wish that this kind of book had been available when I was younger and first got out of the service, as my adjustment may have been a little less traumatic. You did a great job and I wish you much success with this special publication.
    I really like this book a lot, not so much because I am in it, but because it makes me feel connected to the others that I cannot otherwise access for one reason or another. It’s like being in the locker room again!! It’s just a very good and interesting book.

Tommiie Acierno, Army Veteran, Fort Worth, TX:
    I got your book yesterday in the mail. I have just opened it up today. It looks wonderful. I have just started to read the Forward and digging in to it today. I took it with me to my counselor at the Vet Center. She wrote down the name and stuff as she wants to get it for herself as well as the office. Thanks again for sending it.

Wanda Messmore, WAC Veteran, Huntington Beach, CA:
    Received mine yesterday—just so happened, my daughter was here—she only partially read but said—"why wasn't this done a long time ago". Just got started on it—so far so good—daughter said, and I quote—"why didn't you send in the picture in uniform on the mantle.
    My daughter hasn't had chance to read yet, grandson had to work—me—I can't put it down—great hearing about other gals and what they did. You always imagine that when you were in the service, everyone was doing the same as you. Your next book should let people know about the REAL hardships the gals (especially "we uns" who got put into the jungles, etc.) endured—things that people would never in the world believe the gals could do). They all put up with some things that surprised everyone—to be continued…

Julia Sexton, teacher, Dallas, TX:
    My book was in my mail box when I arrived home from school today. I had to walk all the way from the mail box room to our apartment clutching it tightly in my hands. The distance is about 50 yards, but it seemed like a long way! Your book is beautiful. I've already scanned the index, the Appendices, the Foreward, Diane Carlson Evans' words, and the chapter on Karen. Thanks for the wonderful inscription in my book. I have started back at the beginning and will be reading most of the night.
    Also, thanks for the section on Students. I think that is the greatest idea. I plan to use many of those ideas with my English class.
    Thanks again for all your hard work, your beautiful book, and your friendship (the most valuable of all).

Bobbe Stuvengen, WAVE Veteran, Orfordville, WI:
    The book arrived Saturday and I am already half way through it—even with Easter church and dinner preparations. They are most interesting stories, but even more interesting is my reaction to some of them—"oh boy, I can relate to that"; "that reminds me of the time........"; "maybe I should have been telling more of my experiences", etc., etc.
    Anyway, thanks for writing it and for providing us the means to get it early. I will be giving it to the Library with your letter as soon as I finish.

Mike Glessner, Vietnam Veteran, Independence, MO:
    It looks to me like you have another winner on your hands!! (I picked it up and read a couple of Chapters this mourning before work). Now that we seem to have a run on National Pride again in this country are you going to do any book signing tours?

Claire Krolick, WAVE Veteran, New Berlin, WI:
    I received my book today (Fri. 3/29)… in excellent condition and the cover is spectacular. Very patriotic, a good choice…and begin paging through, once I started reading I could not put it down. What a wonderful book!!! You are to be commended for getting it all together….Thank you for your hard work in publishing this for all the women who served our country.
    I have enjoyed reading about the adventures and hardships of some of these gals. I guess I was lucky as I lived in private homes as the Navy had no housing for us WAVES. I was one of the first ten WAVES sent to IBM School in Endicott NY and afterwards sent to Cleveland to work in Mustering Out Pay Division. We lived in the Allerton Hotel, had maid service and often ate in the ballroom via candlelight. Can't beat that for good duty!!!
    Spoke to one of my ex-WAVE friends today, she also has your book. We both agreed on how well it was written and the attractive cover. It's unfortunate that the POW-MIA Flag was not there, they too need recognition.
I've talked about your book to a number of friends, vets and non-vets. I hope the publicity campaign goes well for you, it certainly is a wonderful accomplishment.

Margaret Salm, WAC Veteran, Nashville, TN:
    THE BOOK arrived yesterday and I had to sit down and start reading it. I am really impressed with it. Like being on the cover. I know I am excited about it myself and what I have read so far is great. Funny, I think there was one other woman who thought as I did-would not join again since things have changed so.
    As to the fall show of the TN Military Collectors Association. My friend Vickie and I have already put things into motion, putting forth our ideas to the man in charge, Bill Price. He thinks it is great. We, Vickie and I, are planning to make this a big event for women and having you there is the draw. We hope that you can have some of your books there to sell, especially the latest one. The date is 29 and 30 of November. We used to have the shows in the National Guard Armory but Sept. 11 pushed us out of there and we went to the Marriott Hotel in Franklin, TN, just a few miles down the road from Nashville.

Pat Jernigan, WAC Veteran, Fairfax Station, VA:
Thanks for writing it and for letting me know about it!…well written, well done book. I like the variety of women you've contacted, especially like the mix of WW-2, Korea, and others. I was pleased to see a few friends' stories. And sorry that not everyone contributed a photo.
    You let the women tell their stories -- you haven't put them into some sort of blender; you're not preaching.

Bernice Mitchell, Army Nurse Corps, Vietnam Veteran, Garner, NC:
    I was excited to receive my books today. So glad I had ordered more than one because my friend and roomie Gabriel has not put his copy down yet.
    The cover came out great and I am really enjoying reading the stories of all the women in addition to re-reading my own. Thanks so much for writing about our stories and experiences. We have been neglected for so long. So many of us have so much in common.

Steven Manchester, Army Veteran, Gulf War,  author of The Unexpected Storm: The Gulf War Legacy, Westport, MA:
    In Women At Risk: We Also Served, Noonie Fortin captures the prideful essence of more than 65 unique women who chose very similar paths. Motivated by their sense of honor and duty, women such as Marie Balandis, Laura Dunlop, Bernice Whiteside, Pam Waterson, and Sharon Cummings endure the same hardships and sacrifice as any serviceman, while helping to pay the hefty price of freedom. At times and places where females in uniform were less than accepted, they were still committed to do their part…and then some. In the end, as perhaps a genderless lesson, each woman gained just as much from her military service as she had given…pride, discipline and a bond that transcends all stereotypes and cultural barriers.
    Women At Risk: We Also Served epitomizes national patriotism. Noonie Fortin should be saluted for gracefully depicting the compelling views and heart-felt stories of these true Americans. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever served a purpose higher than themselves…or wished they had.

Danny "Greasy" Belcher, Army Veteran, Vietnam War, President Rolling Thunder KY Chapter 3, Preston, KY:
    This is a wonderful book detailing the heroic actions of the women in the military. Without women like those in this book we men could not do our job. As a former combat infantry sergeant I am indebted to the women who did a great job in the most trying times. When you women that served in the military look in that mirror be proud and be sure to smile because you are looking at a hero.

Leon Fletcher, Navy Reserve Veteran, author of How to Speak Like a Pro and 16 other published books, AOL mentor & columnist for writers, Ben Lomond, CA:
    There is no risk in reading Women At Risk: We Also Served, Noonie Fortin's newest book. She is a skilled writer and she has selected a truly intriguing topic—facts about a wide variety of women who have served our nation. Through personal interviews, correspondence, and research, Fortin has collected information that needs to be recorded for this and future generations, and she has written it in a direct, specific, interesting style that's packed with specifics and is highly readable.

Dr. Carl Bartecchi, Army Veteran, Vietnam War, author of Soc Trang: A Vietnamese Odyssey, Pueblo, CO:
    This is a wonderful collection of experiences of women who served. We hear so little about these brave women who served our country so well—especially those who served prior to the Vietnam conflict. Thanks for bringing these accounts to our attention.

Carla Wetzel, Freedom Fest Chairman, Skidmore, MO:
    I have just had the pleasure of reading Women At Risk: We Also Served. I could not put it down! It was so interesting. I really enjoyed the different perspectives from different military conflicts to different walks of life. Each story was unique in it’s own way.
    I have always admired women who have served our country, but this just made it more so. Their stories are all so incredible. The things they went through not only being in a military action, but being a woman in that situation. Noonie Fortin did a wonderful job sharing their stories. Thank you for bringing the stories out, so everyone can enjoy them.
    Reading their stories made me even prouder of the service these women have given to our country.

George Massey, Army Veteran, Vietnam War, author of GI Guvmint Issue, Knoxville, TN:
    Women at Risk: We Also Served is a compilation of stories of our women comrades-in-arms that has been too long in the telling. In their own straight forward words, these women reveal their experiences which are no less important or interesting than those of their male counterparts. Women at Risk: We Also Served is not only stories that should be told but is a book that should be read.

Laurel Schunk, author of several mystery books, Wichita, KS:
    Women At Risk: We Also Served, by Noonie Fortin, is a thrilling compilation of the stories of different women who have served in the United States armed forces. These stories of human courage and dedication can open our eyes to the experiences others have had in war, or help others who have served to view these experiences with others’ eyes. Everyone knows that being in war is difficult, but being a woman in war and having to fight gender bias is even more difficult.
    I recommend this book to anyone interested in the military or in the human condition in general, and how we live up to daunting challenges.

Sue Chapman, a supporter of Veterans, Aurora, CO:
    What an INCREDIBLE book! You seem to have captured what has been missing from many of the stories of the Veterans--the women. It is very refreshing to read about the women who served either in the military or as a civilian. Thank you Noonie for bringing these women's stories to life.

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