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This page was last updated on 20 January 2016.

Unsolicited comments about Potpourri Of War

Dick Wheeler, US Army 64-66--Tampa, FL:
It is an excellent book, and picks right up where Memories of Maggie left off.  I enjoyed reading the follow-up information on Maggie and the additional veterans' stories of her that were included.  The poem "Hello, David" really makes you stop and think about the emotional price paid by the dedicated nurses who served in the battlefield hospitals.   

Dee Chambers, WAC Assn--Apache Junction, AZ:
I think it is a good book and well worth reading. The part that has really grabbed me and not let go...will help people understand not only the women's problems but also the men's problems with a result of the Vietnam War. You wrote to the readers, not "down to " them. The section you devoted to the history of the Vietnam a necessary part of your book. There are young people today who have no knowledge whatsoever of that War or that period in our history. You have done a good, professional job of writing.

Faith Shorey, Veteran's spouse and mother--Fort Hood, TX:
I really loved reading about women who put their lives on the line, they are true hero's.

Joseph Wilson, Jr., The Assn of US Army Transporters in Thailand--Colorado Springs, CO:
I have read both books. They show tremendous insight about Martha "Colonel Maggie" Raye and those she came in contact with....the information collected and arranged were both compelling and interesting. I suggest these books be required reading by people of all ages. They will find out more about Maggie, the nation and themselves by what they read.

Joan A Marcotte, WAC--Bensalem, PA:
It is a great joy to see someone recognizing the work that women did for this country. It is equally sad to read of the many lives that were lost. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront and making us aware of their sacrifices. I for one have never been aware of "Colonel Maggie's" extensive contributions to entertaining and working with our troops. I will spread the word. Thanks Noonie.

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